Tips to convert an Angry Client to an Opportunity

When your customer is upset and you receive an email or phone call you better be ready to defuse the situation. Here are a few tips to handle the situation:

1. Identify - While some clients will be apparently angry, others will present their frustration in a more controlled manner. Your job is to recognize if the client is unhappy, no matter how they convey. A quick response can help keep the problem from escalating into a catastrophe.

2. Listen - The worst thing you can do when someone brings you a problem is to interrupt and start making excuses. Get an understanding of the issue and find what happened. Ask if there is something that can be done immediately to get things sorted out? Understand if there is any impact to the client's business. Majority of the time client's anger is intended to get you to take the situation seriously and act immediately. If you jump on the problem, you can shift them into a more cooperative mode quickly.

3. Take Action - Fix the problem first and then investigate why it happened and how you will avoid it in the future.

4. Take Ownership – It is very likely that it is not completely your team's fault but if you step up and take ownership, you will win points with your client for being on their side. If you need to involve other vendors, pull them in and resolve the issue in a collaborative manner. Don't make your client the middle-man by pointing fingers.

5. Escalate – Certain situations and issues are beyond your ability to fix. Don't waste your and the client's time if you are struggling with a resolution. Don't make the client have to ask you to escalate the problem to someone else. Get the right people involved in the situation as quickly as you can.

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