The Connected World - IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects that have embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with each other with important information or data that can benefit humans and business.

As we link data from products, devices, or the environment, they will generate better information and data analysis that can significantly enhance decision making. When products are embedded with sensors, businesses can track their movements and monitor interactions with them. Business processes can be adjusted to take advantage of such behavioral data. Useful data from sensors installed to report on environmental conditions (such as ocean currents, weather or soil moisture) can give decision makers key alerts of real-time events. In health care, IoT offers possibilities for monitoring a patient’s behavior and symptoms in real time and at relatively affordable cost, allowing physicians to better diagnose disease and prescribe a personalized treatment that is most effective.

Today more objects are becoming embedded with sensors and gaining the ability to communicate. IoT is a key enabling technology for digital businesses. According to Gartner over 4 billion connected things are already in use early 2015 and the count is expected to rise to 25 billion by 2020.

Information collected, shared, analyzed and applied is at the core of IoT – creating a better and safer world, a better end-user experience, reducing costs and growing revenue, enabling smarter applications, and improving the overall value of technology. The possibilities with IoT are truly endless.

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