CIO’s Top Technology Priorities for 2013

Gartner conducted a global survey of more than 2,000 CIOs in 36 industries across 41 countries towards the end of 2012. The CIOs were requested to provide a list of top technology priorities for 2013.

The survey revealed that IT budgets have remained flat to negative since the dot-com bust of 2002. This study showed that for 2013, CIO IT budgets are projected to be slightly down, with a weighted global average decline of 0.5%. 67% of CIOs surveyed now have significant leadership responsibilities outside of IT that is very contrast to the surveys conducted in 2008, when about 50% of CIOs had no responsibilities outside of IT. Digital technologies clearly seem to dominate the CIO technology priorities for 2013. This includes mobile, analytics, Big Data, social media networking and cloud.

CIOs know that the future rests in not repeating the past but in extending IT by pursuing and reaping in a digital world. CIOs see these technologies as disrupting business fundamentally over the next 10 years. When asked which digital technologies would be most disruptive, 70% of CIOs cited mobile technologies, followed by big data/analytics at 55%, social media at 54% and public cloud at 51%. The disruptiveness of each of these technologies is material, but CIOs see their greatest disruptive power coming in combination, rather than in isolation.

Top 10 CIO Technology Priorities for 2013:
1. Analytics and BI
2. Mobile Technologies
3. Cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
4. Collaboration technologies (workflow)
5. Legacy Modernization
6. IT Management
7. CRM
8. Virtualization
9. Security
10.ERP Applications
Source: Gartner Executive Programs Survey (Jan 2013)

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