Delivery Management & Project Success - The New Definition

It is imperative to stay focused and make every effort to be successful in today’s competitive and challenging market conditions. I strongly believe that intelligent delivery management is the key to project success. We must strive to create a great experience for our clients. Intelligent execution and long-term commitment to our clients, is going to keep us ahead in the race. It is important for us to understand the answers to key questions like “what is our client expecting” and “what the success criteria’s are”. The questions appear simple but you would be surprised how difficult it might be to get the right answer. Depending on whom you ask the question the perception of the project success and expectations might be very different. We must get to an agreement on these upfront, then continuously manage and measure our progress to these success criteria.

The definition of project success in the current times has changed. It is no longer limited to the triple constraints – time, cost and quality. We might be on-time, on-budget, the project deliverables might satisfy the requirements and still the client might not be delighted. At the end of any project, client reference ability is extremely important and a must for consulting organizations. Today’s definition of project success is managing and driving the project for the value that is expected at the end of the project. So, just getting the project completed within the time and budget might not drive the project value at the end.

We might need to do change orders to add more scope, cost and/or time. Clients today understand that change orders are inevitable. Clients seems to be quite willing to accept change orders as long the changes are aligned towards making a project successful and generate business value.

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